Who better than our clients to tell you about Your Dog and You? See what our clients are saying!

Christine's timely intervention and practical advice has clearly worked. Without her expert help, my spouse would have insisted that our Newfoundland pup go right back to the breeder. I would have lost a true buddy and my best canine friend. More frightening, our marriage and life-partnership would have suffered greatly.
Christine Nolan saved our beloved Alfie and maybe even our marriage!

Bryan Myers

Let me tell you, you would not think this is the same dog. He is so much calmer and well behaved. When we go for walks he walks right at my side, stopping when he is supposed to. The perfect walk in every way. The best of all he no longer has any reaction towards cars when we walk and HE DOES NOT EVEN REACT IF HE SEES A SQUIRREL!!!

Ares & Stephen Titlemore

My Ridgeback, Ares, now respects all of my commands. He "comes" when called and even "stops" when I tell him to. He looks to me to be "freed" from all commands such as "sit" and "place" and even to eat. I almost cannot believe he is the same dog. He is now such a joy to have!

Christine truly has a gift. Her immense knowledge and training has allowed me take back control of my home and has freed me of the worry and anxiety I previously had surrounding my dog's behaviors. I now have complete confidence in myself and my dogs.

She has been a true blessing in our lives and I recommend her wholeheartedly!

Mackenzie, Josh, Atlas and Ares

Never ever in my life did I ever think we would have a normal dog. To watch Abby actually be able to socialize with other dogs off leash was not only amazing but also truly helped me cope with all the guilt that I had felt previously. To me, watching Abby play with all of the dogs at the dog park was more than just watching a dog play with other dogs... We finally were able to provide for her what she wanted and needed the entire time. It was like giving her life back!

Daniel, Aylise, and Bella Waters

Your gift of being able to read and interpret not only the dog's behavior and reactions, but those of its' handler as well and the impact they have, is truly something special. I consider you nothing less than a guardian angel for dogs and their owners that need help. You have helped me learn to be a strong leader to General, regain his trust, and ultimately save his life. You will always be someone special to us!

Jason Scarduzio

Having three dogs has its challenges... having three dogs and expecting a baby takes it to an entirely new level. I honestly don't think we would have been able to feel comfortable bringing a child into our home if we had not enlisted her help. I can walks my three pit bulls AND a stroller, all at once, all by myself, with no fear of one of the dogs pulling the stroller or getting hurt.

THANK YOU Christine for showing us that it is possible to have a happy house with three pit bulls and a baby :) Thank you for helping us to become better dog owners and showing us how to positively impact our dogs' lives.

Tara & Jason Benstead... and Skye, Petey

Buffy is doing amazing! I am happy to report she no longer has any separation anxiety! She is a lot better with strange dogs outside, she doesn't flip out, she just looks at them until we pass by and then goes on with life. Thanks for everything!

Laura, Jay, and Buffy

Hank has been fiercely protective of our family and our house for years. He has been aggressive to humans as well as other dogs. That is why this past weekend is so unbelievable to us! We had six people over for dinner, he fell asleep in the other room and didn't give a care! Possibly more amazing, he walked with, played with, and allowed another dog into our yard and house! Hank's progress, while full of ups and downs, has been so amazing in such a short time!

Debbie and Family

Mitzie was in and out of 3 homes from what we learned, a bite case, never socialized as a puppy, never taken for a walk, never wore a collar, and in general, she was on death row in the kill shelter for being 'unlovable' and 'unadoptable' for three previous owners. After finding you, Mitzie has become a lovable, socialized part of our family pack.

Karen and Mike

Working with Christine has LITERALLY changed our lives! She is great in her field and I believe it is her love and faith in every dog she meets that puts her leagues above other dog behaviorists and trainers. Thank you Christine!

Lindsay Achilles

We never thought we could walk our FOUR dogs at once, but now do so every day. Since Christine came along, our dogs are much better behaved, less stressed and living together in harmony. Thank you Christine - you are the best!

Audra and Tom H.

Two years ago we adopted two young pit bulls from the local animal shelter, Mick and Birdie. Then came the fights. The first, we thought was a fluke. The second happened a few months later and it was devastating (ER, stitches, surgical drains, the whole nine yard. we've now had 8 months of no fighting. She really has helped us to restore the peace in our lives.

Amy and Jamie Montgomery

Before Eli met you he was scared of everything including all of my family members. He would run away from everyone and everything and he hated going on walk because he was petrified of everything outside. He also hated car rides. After your initial visit with Eli my family and I saw a HUGE difference in him! He was running around and actually hanging out with us. He is more friendly and loves to play with everyone. The biggest difference is that he finally loves going on walks and loves car rides!


At the end of the day my wife and I were so happy and realized we couldn't have done this without your training techniques. It is has gone better than we could have imagined. Thanks again for everything and just thought you would like to hear how well he is doing.