Private Behavior Modification Sessions

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Behavior Solutions

Unwanted behaviors can develop at any age. We provide solutions to issues including manners, aggression, reactivity, and more.

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Personalized For Your Dog

Personal, one-on-one sessions address the individual needs of your dog, and provide solutions to unwanted behaviors.

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Learn to see the world through your dog's eyes and create a lifelong bond based on communication and trust.

Real World Solutions That Work

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Our private behavior modification sessions are tailored to suit your dog and put you on the path to achieving your goals. The initial session is two and a half hours in length. First, we will cover a lesson in dog psychology that is designed to allow you to see the world through your dog's eyes. This lesson will help you to understand how your dog perceives you and each situation at that moment in time. We then recreate situations to suit your dog’s individual needs and work through the behaviors your dog is struggling with. You will then have the opportunity to train your dog with your trainer to see fast results and gain confidence handling and helping your dog. You will receive notes and support for the next three weeks while you are training.

A follow up session is offered to you at no further charge. This session is designed to recap your experiences, further your skills, and address any of your dog's behaviors that we may not have covered in your first session. This 1 to 1.5 hour visit is to be utilized within three weeks of your initial appointment and will take place at our location. Once you have completed your initial and follow up sessions, you are welcome to email us for the next three months should you have any questions and so that I can help you to remain on track. If you feel that you would benefit from further guidance, 1.5 hour appointments are available at an additional cost.

"We learned immediately from your visit...Through your techniques and guidance, we have a 100% improvement in Apache."

- Lisa Williams

"I would have lost a true buddy and my best canine friend. More frightening, our marriage and life-partnership would have suffered greatly..."

- Bryan Myers

Who would have known it could be this stress-free living with Jazz! He seems so much happier, as we all are, to finally have peace in our house!

- Amanda and Jazz