Day Training

Your dog trains with us during the day and gets to relax at home each night with you

This three (3) week program is designed for your specific dog’s needs. Different than a board and train program where you are leaving your dog overnight, they are coming home with you after each daily session to sleep in their own bed and enjoy time with you and your family. In essence, we do the training for you, then you will have the opportunity to maintain the calm and relaxed state of mind that we help create for your dog.

Your dog will be immersed in a day full of calm, patient instruction, structured exercise, relaxation time, and exposure to calm, well-balanced dogs. During day training we can work on dog reactivity, car reactivity, confidence building, loose leash walking, separation anxiety, toy obsession, resource guarding, treadmill training, dog socialization and more.

To learn more, call or text us at (609) 760-7708 or email us at today!

Ronnie Kay with dog in training