Dog Behavior Seminars

Christine Nolan and her dog Harley

About Christine's Seminars

Christine's dog behavior seminars and workshops are an incredible way to enrich your understanding of dog psychology and your dog handling skills. Her dynamic presence and teaching style keeps participants engaged as she covers leadership skills, dog psychology, loose leash walking, nutrition, treadmill training, and much more.

Her workshops are not only a wonderful learning experience for individual dog owners, but are a valuable resource for shelter staff and volunteers, rescues, dog walkers, veterinarians, trainers, and groomers as well. Dog handlers of all skill levels will be sure to take away knowledge and skills to bring to their interactions with dogs.

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Get inspired!

"…so much new information and my notepad was full of aha moments that I have referred to time and time again… She changed my life and gave me the courage to help so many foster dogs."

- Melissa Simone

"Christine is such an effective speaker and engaging presenter that the four hours we spent at the seminar could have easily been eight and we still would have been ready for more!"

- Maria Stoerrle

"I went home that night and walked four COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DOGS! Your techniques with the dogs and human re-education made a huge difference in the animals that live in my home."

- Erika Hooven

Enrich your organization's skills

Hosting a dog behavior seminar is an excellent opportunity for shelters, rescues, veterinarians, and other organizations to learn to understand dogs on a deeper level and learn new skills to best help the dogs in their care. Interested in hosting a seminar? Contact us at today!

Benefits of Hosting a Seminar

  • Fundraiser for your rescue or shelter
  • Exposure for your business/organization
  • Advocate responsible dog ownership
  • Enhance the abilities of staff/volunteers