Behavior and Training solutions tailored to your dog's needs

Your Dog and You provides a wide range of services tailored to meet your dog's specific needs at any stage in its' life. Located in Mantua NJ, we offer options including private behavior modification sessions, puppy training classes, group dog training classes, loose leash walking, off leash training, socialization sessions, and day training programs, we have a program that is right for your dog!

Behavior Modification

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Real world solutions that work. Private sessions provide you solutions to unwanted behaviors such as jumping/manners, aggression, reactivity, and resource guarding. No two dogs are the same, and the program is tailored to each dog's individual needs.

Puppy Classes

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Get your puppy started off right. You and your puppy will not only learn valuable lessons such as potty training, socialization and polite play, but we will also teach them the most important basic obedience commands to keep them polite and safe.

Day Training

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We do the training for you. Different than a board and train program where you are leaving your dog overnight, they are coming home with you after each daily session to sleep in their own bed and enjoy time with you and your family.

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No Two Dogs Are The Same

Every dog is unique, and can develop behavioral problems at any point in their life. No two dogs are the same, and neither are the solutions to their behavioral problems. We offer personal, one-on-one sessions to best address the needs of your dog and provide customized plans to help your dog succeed, regardless of their age. My goal is to help you achieve an understanding of your dog's psychological needs, and empower you with the knowledge and leadership skills that you need to build a lifelong partnership of trust and respect between Your Dog and You.

- Christine Nolan

Owner, Your Dog and You

Christine Nolan and her dog Puma

What our clients are saying...

"Never ever in my life did I ever think we would have a normal dog. To watch Abby actually be able to socialize with other dogs off leash was not only amazing..."

- Daniel, Aylise, and Bella Waters

"Christine has helped me learn to be a strong leader to General, regain his trust, and ultimately save his life..."

- Jason Scarduzio

"Thank you Christine for showing us that it is possible to have a happy house with three pit bulls and a baby!"

- Tara & Jason Benstead... and Skye, Petey