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Dahlia and Blue - Anything is Possible

This inspirational video is the story of Dahlia, a dog that was previously unable to be around other dogs, that shows what is possible with the proper leadership. A must watch!

Cognac - Dog Reactivity

Our friend, Cognac, arrived for his appointment very reactive to other dogs. Look how quickly he improved, great job Cognac! Look for the full video soon to see how he learned!

Finley and Zoey

Watch how Finley and Zoey's dog reactivity improves greatly in just a short time!

Frankie - Dog Reactivity

Frankie's foster Mom worked with Christine Nolan of Your Dog and You to dramatically improve Frankie's reaction to other dogs. Great job!

Bucky Loose Leash Trailer

Watch Bucky's amazing transformation from hard puller to walking with a completely loose leash. Stay tuned for the full video of how Bucky learns!

Little Pack Leader - Hunter's Chore

This amazing video of her young pack leader, Hunter, and the feeding event with her pack was submitted by Tara Benstead. Great job and thank you for sharing!

Loose Leash Walking - Shannon Princess and Khavi

So proud of my new client, Shannon! Today was our initial consult and this video is Shan0n walking her two dogs, Princess and Khavi together. This is about 15 minutes after we starting working together. Number one on Shan0n's list of goals was to walk her dogs together without being pulled all over the place, accomplished!

Milo and Butter - Dog Reactivity

Milo, a chihuahua mix, makes great improvement with his dog reactivity!

Place Command - Thomas and Lola

This video is Lola and Thomas' first day of the ""place"" command. They both did a great job!!

Dahlia Diving for Toys 1

Dahlia is a natural in the water, and loves to retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool. Look at her go!

Dahlia Diving for Toys 2

Some more pool time fun with Dahlia!

Meet Tank!

This was Tank's adoption video before Christine Nolan adopted him as a member of her own pack. He is one cute little guy that absolutely loves life!

Teaching Your Dog to Use the Treadmill

The treadmill is mother nature's cure for anxiety. In this video, watch how Carly is taught to use the treadmill for the very first time. She does beautifully!

How to Dremel Your Dog's Nails

Learn how to properly use a Dremel Nail Trimming Tool to comfortably trim your dog's nails.

Tip - Fix It

Quick "fix it" leash technique. In 0 time at all you will be able to just say the ""command"" and your dog will k0w what to do.

Results 1 to 15 of 15