Behavior: Manners , Dog Aggression

We contacted Christine in a desperate state because we were so tired of our dog's bad behaviors: barking all day long in the house (and completely ignoring us when we told him to stop), barking aggressively at other dogs and children, and being stubbornly defiant in most ways imaginable. In one meeting with Christine, she gave us a one on one lesson on how to be calm and assertive and she helped us to improving our body language and other patterns so that he would follow our lead.

With Christine's direction, that very day we got him to stop barking, become appropriately submissive and learn to follow our commands, something we hadn't accomplished in the 3 years we've had him. It was like a miracle! It took some effort over the next few weeks to implement all of the changes, but they really worked and we could not believe the transformation. It is not magic, it is a new way of working with our dog. It takes practice to be become more effective dog owners, but what we thought was impossible was in fact relatively easy to change. We have a new, good dog and a new life. Thank you Christine, only wish we found you sooner!
  • Ezra