Behavior: Human Aggression

Hi! I just wanted to update you a bit on Buddy the Bulldog. He is doing wonderfully on the walk. He also is so good when I feed him. I can leave the room for extended periods of time and he will not budge until I tell him it is okay. He is better in the cage also. No more crying! He also sits and waits until I tell him it's okay to come out of the cage. Now when the delivery man comes, Buddy will sit and stay while I open the door and pay the man. He does not attempt to charge the door. He still occasionally barks at men in the hallway, but I correct him. He is much better with children. We sat and watched the kids play and he was a good boy. It worked! The other day we walked by a two year old girl. She was screaming, laughing, etc. He was intrigued by her, but did not bark, just watched her.
  • Alissa