Behavior: Manners

Dear Christine,

There are no words in the English language which I can use to thank you for all of your help fine tuning the problems I had with Ben. When I walked him, he would chase after squirrels, rabbits, cats, and people he knew. At times he would actually drag me down or worse get away from me and cross the street with me chasing after him. Ben would also get an object and not give it up even though he knew the obedience commands, "drop it" and "leave it". He would bring in sticks from the outside into the living room and chew on them, if I got near him, he would growl at me and threaten me if I attempted to take it away. If I grabbed his collar, he would go after my hand. When we met friends during a walk or when they came into the house, he was all over them, jumping with excitement. It was truly a war if I attempted to apply Ben's FirstShield Trio (Flea, Tick and Mosquito Prevention) In addition, Ben's uncontrollable barking at an older neighbor, who had teased him.

Through calm, yet firm behavior you taught me how to deal with Ben. You have taught me how to easily use fantastic tools to get his attention, and help him to behave. Ben is now a completely different dog, since your visits with us have taught me how to handle my big boy. Because of all the training you gave me, he has become the true gentleman dog that I had hoped for.

Ben is great on the treadmill, and his walks have become a pleasure because there is no more pulling, chasing, dragging me down, or getting loose and running across a street. He knows drop and leave it without any growling or going after my hand, plus no more sticks in the living room. When we meet friends on the street during our walks, he no longer jumps and he greets them with a handshake and a high five. No more barking at the older neighbor whom had teased Ben in the past, and today when we went for a walk he did not even bark at the white lab walking on the other side of the street.

What is more amazing when I take him to PetSmart, other stores or just walking him, everyone says how handsome he is and how well behaved. They always tell me how well I have trained him but I tell them it was not entirely me, and that I have to give the credit to Christine Nolan for all the training she gave me to get the perfect dog.

I thank you, Christine, for all that you have taught me and the constant help you have given me whenever I text or email you with questions regarding Ben. You always get back to me with what to do and how to handle the problem. Ben continues to do better each day, so every day is another victory with him. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Dianne and Ben