Bella and JillyN

Behavior: Manners , Dog Aggression

Saturday I got the best compliment and I have to share and pass it along to Christine Nolan. I have two Jack Russel Terriers that I adopted from BCAS in August. They started out well behaved until they settled in and started some exhibiting some bad behaviors. One of which was severe dog aggression while on the leash.

Saturday I was at the Amish market. The girls were on their leashes and I was sitting on the curb while I ate a pretzel with my daughter. A lady pulled up with a big dog in her vehicle and her dog was going ballistic trying to get out to meet my dogs. She wrestled her way out of her vehicle, slightly embarrassed, and said, "I'm sorry my dog is so naughty. Your two are so well behaved." Neither of mine were reacting at all. I immediately gave her Christine's name and company and sang her praises. Thank you Christine for teaching me how to nurture my dogs' pack behavior and become the leader they desire.
  • Jen Lynn