Behavior: Dog Aggression

Dear Christine,

Thank you for all that you have done for us. I fell in love with my dog, Bella (14 yrs old), all over again. Bella was a "pound puppy". When I first brought her home I was concerned about her aggressive behavior toward other dogs. When I called the shelter to question this they said it was "normal behavior". Never having had a dog before I went about our lives. After a while it was to difficult for me to walk her so my husband took over that job. He said that he would have to look two or more blocks ahead to avoid Bella's out of control reactions. I can't describe just how bad it was; it REALLY was horrible.

The last straw for me was when I was packing up our car for a busy day. My youngest came outside to ask me for help and left the door open. Before I knew it Bella ran out and went after a dog that happened to be walking by. The situation really shook me up. I have asked my husband for years to invest in dog training lessons but he repeatedly said he didn't think it was necessary. After this situation I put my foot down, either we pay for help or the dog goes. I called several places, all of which said that she couldn't be helped including one place telling me it would be best to put her down. I cried for a week thinking about this, as well as my children cried. In my distress I went to the local dog park and spoke to many dog owners, which is how I got your number. After speaking with you on the phone I felt there may be some hope. What we got was BEYOND hope. Three and a half hours later we had a MIRACLE! Everyone, including my doubtful husband was AMAZED at the change in Bella! I fell in love again. We continue to follow the recommendations that you have taught us. People in the neighborhood are shocked. They stop and ask us what changed and we tell them that about you and how you trained US to better handle Bella. On a side note, the children love all of the great games and tricks that you taught them to do with Bella.

Now when I walk her and a dog goes by Bella doesn't even pay attention to them. They are no big deal. I stopped to speak to someone with their little tea cup Yorkie, the dog would stop barking at Bella. SHE sat down next to me and did not react. WOW!!!! Having Bella behave this way allowed us to bring her on vacation with us. My husband and I were very nervous. It's one thing to behave in your own neighborhood but how about a strange and new place. We have never taken her anywhere. Total and complete shock. We walked down the main street window shopping with our family, Bella too. We stopped and spoke to other vacationers with dogs (right next to us) and Bella was a perfect lady. Thank you for bringing our family back together. I hope your ears ring a lot. We sing your praises to everyone we meet, especially those with aggressive dogs. Thank you!
  • Jennifer Bralow and Family