Behavior: Human Aggression

Bandit had serious issues that needed to be addressed, the most scary being human aggression. With a granddaughter on the way we had to deal with his problems.

Christine's initial visit resulted in immediate changes in our household. Bandit wasn't the only one who was 'In Training'. That visit was a new beginning for all of us! Within just two days his behavior changed! Our walks helped his anxiety issues and he was no longer walking us. The car rides became more enjoyable and more riding in my lap and biting at the windows!

Yes, Bandit is still a work in progress but Christine made us believers! You can change your dog no matter what the issues may be. We can now have children visit our home without the fear that Bandit will be nipping at their little bottoms. Thanks to Christine, Bandit is a much healthier and happy dog!
  • Linda and Jimmy