Behavior: Manners

Christine, your training has resulted in major improvements in our Bailey! The real test has come now that I broke my right wrist. Bailey and I would not have been able to walk together, a much needed activity for both of us, but my well behaved puppy and I now walk using only my left hand. And on rainy days Bailey walks on the treadmill, another valuable skill you trained her to do.

We are also able to play fetch using my left hand and only one ball or frisbee. Bailey doesn't seem to mind bad throws, she just gets more exercise. She now returns the toy, drops it, backs up, and sits, waiting for me to throw it again. And since we taught her "drop it", we can take anything from her. As you know, that was a real problem in the past.

Bailey no longer eats non-food items no matter how delicious they may be, and she is gradually getting more and more space when we go out.

All of these skills we learned from you. Bailey can't tell you how much she appreciates all of "our" hard work. But I can, thank you so much!
  • Bailey and Mindy Tuff