Badger and Shiloh

Behavior: Anxiety

My husband and I adopted Shiloh and she gets along great with Badger, our other dog. She is very affectionate yet started exhibiting behavioral issues almost immediately. She would wet in the house, chew woodwork, furniture, shoes and anything else she could find, everyday. In addition she would jump up on us and would become very jealous if Badger was receiving attention. All our efforts to curb these behaviors did not help. Mike and I thought that we might have to give Shiloh up. Desperate for help we were referred to Christine Nolan. She came into our home and instantly put us at ease. We immediately saw an improvement in her behavior. The wetting has stopped and the only thing Shiloh chews now is her bones and squeaky toys. I am happy to report that Shiloh is a much happier dog and we have a much happier household, thanks to Christine. If it was not Christine we really do feel that we would have ended up finding Shiloh a new home.
  • Kimberly and Mike M.