Behavior: Manners

Dear Christine,

Our much loved English Springer Spaniel, Ari, went from an adorable puppy to the spoiled kid that nobody wanted to be around. My husband, Luciano and I turned her into this 'monster." She ran the home on her terms and we were desperate to find help. She chewed all of our linens, towels, socks, you name it, she chewed it. She jumped on our guests relentlessly and had to be the center of attention at all times. Lou and I could not hold a conversation unless it was about her and she was between us.

My husband and could not sleep in the same bed, leave the house, eat a meal without her participating. She dug holes, stole from Lou's back pocket and the worst part was that when she stole things from us, she became like a predator, growling and biting us to keep what she had! I spoke to my Vet about the problem and he couldn't believe it because in public she was like an angel! Smart dog! We medicated her to keep her somewhat calm. Our concern was biting someone else and then losing our beloved "puppy".

Finally the Vet recommended your services. One visit with you and she was learning who was in control, how to walk respectfully, use of the treadmill to burn energy and a sense of peace and happiness. I am so happy to say that yesterday Lou said that she is a 100% changed dog. She is!! She is peaceful and calm, runs around happy, looks forward to the treadmill (she is running now), goes for rides, walks and eats her meals quietly while we eat. She doesn't jump except the few times she gets excited and forgets and we can correct that immediately. Ari is a loving member of the family and no longer thinks she has to be in charge and just as important, she is no longer stealing, growling and biting! She has a few fun jobs that she likes to do and this helps her also. Please feel free to use us as reference for the loving care and concern you share with others to get them on track.
  • Iris and Luciano Lueder