Ares and Atlas

Behavior: Manners

My fiance and I own two dogs, a one-year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ares and a six year old American Bulldog, Atlas. We loved our dogs in a way where we were babying/humanizing them, afraid to hurt their feelings, and therefore allowing them to control our household.

My Bulldog would become uncontrollable when anyone would knock by rushing the door, barking incessantly, and jumping on our guests (scaring them). My Ridgeback was unresponsive to commands unless I had treats to bribe him, and he pulled so hard on walks chasing after squirrels and leaves that I was left with continuous pain in my arms and shoulders. I got to a point of overwhelming distress, frustration and tears and was afraid I would never have control of my dogs.

Christine Nolan was recommended to us by a friend who had used her services in the past with great success. In one visit Christine taught my fiance and I what our dogs truly need from us as leaders, as well as how to walk them both by our side without either of them passing our knee or putting tension on the leash. She also showed us how to train our dogs to sit and wait while someone knocks at our door and enters our home without moving until commanded. After Christine left our home that day I cried tears of relief because I knew I would be able to have the controlled yet loving relationship with my dogs that I truly desired!

With four further sessions with my Ridgeback, Ares, now respects all of my commands. He "comes" when called and even "stops" when I tell him to. He looks to me to be "freed" from all commands such as "sit" and "place" and even to eat. I almost cannot believe he is the same dog. He is now such a joy to have!

Christine truly has a gift. Her immense knowledge and training has allowed me take back control of my home and has freed me of the worry and anxiety I previously had surrounding my dog's behaviors. I now have complete confidence in myself and my dogs. She has been a true blessing in our lives and I recommend her wholeheartedly. We are so grateful for you and we are getting better everyday!

All of our heartfelt thanks!
  • Mackenzie, Josh, Atlas and Ares