Behavior: Manners

I adopted Ares about 6 months ago from a Doberman rescue organization. He was just about 3 years old at that time. At first he was calm and well behaved. After about two weeks his anxieties started to come out. He would not calm down in the house, always pacing back and forth. I had to put up gates to section off different rooms and used to leash him in the house to try to calm him down. When we went on walks he would turn into Cujo. Barking and pulling at cars and forget trying to ride with him in the car, it was turning into a nightmare. I tried several things. Checking out training videos on YouTube, reading books by Cesar Millan, whatever I could get my hands on. I had some success but I couldn't get him to the point of being well behaved, well-adjusted dog.

I had heard about Christine Nolan and her reputation so I decided to check her out. I went to one of her behavioral seminars and was very impressed with her approach. After the seminar I took time to talk with her and decided to hire her to help me out.
Christine setup 4 one hour long lessons over the next 4 weeks. Let me tell you, you would not think this is the same dog. He is so much calmer and well behaved. When we go for walks he walks right at my side, stopping when he is supposed to. The perfect walk in every way. The best of all he no longer has any anxiety towards cars when we walk HE DOES NOT EVEN REACT IF HE SEES A SQUIRREL!!!!

As far as him behaving in the house, he is now the perfect gentleman. To the point where I have taken down the baby gates and removed the leashes that were restraining him to certain areas of the house. He now goes to his places that I have designated for him and lies down on command.
I would highly recommend Christine to anyone that needs help and from what I've seen out there most of you do. Don't hesitate to let her help you out. You and your dog will be much happier and you'll have the well behaved dog you always wanted.

Ares & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
  • Ares & Stephen Titlemore