Behavior: Manners

I cannot express enough thanks to you for all of your assistance with Apache. As you recall, when you first Apache, he ruled our World! Although he was a loving dog, he barked when he wanted our attention, "stole" items from tables and would jump up on people when they entered my office. I was seriously beginning to have fears that he would not make it as our Therapy Dog and I knew it would break the hearts of all of our residents who had grown so attached to him.

Thankfully, you helped to change all of that. We learned immediately from your visit that we needed to establish control of the pack and that he needed us to take charge. Through your techniques and guidance, we have a 100% improvement in Apache. He sits patiently and waits for someone to come to him and greet him. When people call or visit our office, they can actually hear us speak and they do not have to yell over Apache's barking. We have not had one episode of "stealing" and when he appears to be looking for mischief, we just have to snap our fingers and he corrects himself without any other intervention.

We took your advice and incorporated learning games into our daily routine and he truly loves the mental challenges and agility courses. His energy is being burned and the result is a Labrador that is content and loving. He looks to us for leadership and guidance and we have a dog that is relaxed and enjoying his job.

Thanks you so much for everything! We are forever indebted to you for helping us!
  • Lisa Williams