Angus and Lucy

Behavior: Manners , Dog Aggression

Dear Christine,

I have wanted to contact you for some time now. I contacted you over a year ago because of a problem I had been having with my dog Lucy, a 3 year-old lab/Doberman mix. She had become aggressive with my older dog Angus, a black lab mix. I got Lucy at 9 months. She had not been trained and my now ex-husband was able to manage her and teach her some basic manners. After the divorce is when Lucy started becoming aggressive towards Angus. That is when I contacted you. You were recommended by my sister.

I am happy to tell you that we are what I would consider a "success story". We had a slow start. I was still mending from the divorce and not willing to put in the time you recommended. Last September, there was an incident that I got in the middle of. This incident resulted in 17 stitches to my foot. I knew I had to do something. My options were to take her to a shelter where I knew, with her record, she would never get adopted or listen to you.

We take walks every day. I've trained her on the treadmill which she goes to willingly. She no longer follows me from room to room or gets between me and Angus if I show him attention. She listens to me when I call her or put her in her "place". She no longer barks at everything! We've even had some positive interactions with the neighborhood dogs. Also, she no longer chases the cats, except when they tease her? She just seems like a happier dog and Angus doesn't shy away from her.

I realize this is a forever thing but my interaction with them has become second nature. It's just about the way we treat each other now. I'm the boss! They know it and I can still give them affection on my terms. I can't thank you enough for all your help!
  • Janice Roper