Behavior: Manners

My wife, Sharon was at wit's end. Alfie wasn't responding to her guidance and saw fit to nip and bite at her when he felt like it. He was exerting his dominance over her, and Sharon understandably was not bonding with him.

Shortly after Sharon started taking your advice, stood up to him, stayed cool, calm and assertive and consistent, Alfie realized that Sharon deserved his respect. Their relationship finally started to improve too, and for that matter, between all three of us.

The structure and leadership that Christine taught Sharon to provide for Alfie, I.a.. daily walks, constructive playing and consistent corrections made all the difference. Like I said, he isn't perfect, but now the three of us can all peacefully co-exist. The altercations and confrontations have all but come to an end, as has his biting and nipping. His occasional jumping is almost completely under control and he is no longer chewing on furniture or stealing things that aren't his, etc.

Side story: last week Comcast Cable was over just about all day long to do an installation. We've pretty much kept friends and family out of our home for the past few months, so this was a pretty big test for Alfie. He was just great! Occasionally, he would inspect what the installer was up to, give him a kiss or two, wiggle his butt, then go back to lounging around. Alfie just knew to stay out of his way. The installer repeatedly came in and out of our home and not once did Alfie ever jump, bark, submissive piddle, or get in his way... nothing. Sharon was floored!

Bottom line: Christine's timely intervention and practical advice has clearly worked. Without her expert help, my spouse would have insisted that our Newfoundland pup go right back to the breeder. I would have lost a true buddy and my best canine friend. More frightening, our marriage and life-partnership would have suffered greatly.

Christine Nolan saved our beloved Alfie and maybe even our marriage!

Thank you so very much, Christine!"
  • Bryan Myers