Behavior: Dog Aggression


I wish there were enough words in the English vocabulary to describe the appreciation and thanks we have for you seeing us yesterday. Never ever in my life did I ever think we would have a normal dog. To watch Abby actually be able to socialize with other dogs off leash was not only amazing but also truly helped me cope with all the guilt that I had felt previously. It helped me realize that not all bad things stay bad. I had been carrying around a huge burden of guilt for the fact that Abby had been attacked in the past. I felt I had no one to blame but myself. To me, watching Abby play with all of the dogs at the dog park was more than just watching a dog play with other dogs... We finally were able to provide for her what she wanted and needed the entire time. It was like giving her life back! Believe when I say I am not the crying type when it comes to things... but watching her play with those dogs gave me a sense of overwhelming peace, and oh...the tears.

You truly have the most amazing job in the entire world- as a Vet Tech we save lives.... but you change lives not only of the dog but also of their owners. If I could have frozen time, it would have been with you and Abby and all of those other dogs, just playing in the park and having fun. Yesterday was my heaven. For the first time in a VERY long time, I felt true peace.
I will no longer be scared of what "may" happen. I am willing to take every day as it comes to me. When she barks and growls my blood pressure will no longer rise but rather stay neutral. Thank you for not only helping me fix Abby for for restoring peace in our lives..

With Much Sincerity,
  • Daniel, Aylise, and Bella Waters