Puppy Basics One-on-One

Get your puppy started off right!

The new Puppy Basics One-on-One Sessions by Your Dog And You, designed for puppies between the ages of six (6) months and one (1) year of age at the start of the first session, are customized for your puppy's specific needs! Held in our beautiful training facility in Mantua NJ, this four week course is designed to help you learn more about your pup and give you the knowledge to help raise a well-mannered companion. In order to be the best dog owners we can be, we need to be open to learning the dynamics of their brain and behavior. You and your puppy will not only learn valuable lessons such as loose leash walking and polite play, but also we will also teach them the most important basic obedience commands to keep them polite and safe!

These comprehensive sessions, tailored to your puppy's needs, are led by our trainer, Ronnie Kay, who is dedicated to helping you and your puppy get started off the right way. Learn more about Ronnie here.

Some of the things you and your puppy will learn include:

  • Potty Training Overview
  • Crate training and its' importance
  • Basic commands such as “Come”, "Sit", and "Down"
  • Polite play; teaching “Take it”, “Drop”, and “Enough”
  • Proper socialization
  • Addressing jumping and mouthy behaviors
  • Polite Feedings
  • Chewing; Nutrition
  • Exposure to different surfaces and objects

***Curriculum is subject to change as we learn what you would like to learn during the meet and greet with the trainer.***

What You Will Need For Class:

  • Four to six-foot leather or nylon leash - no flexi or retractable leashes, please.
  • Flat collar (buckle or clip). Harnesses are fine. If you choose to use a harness, a front clip harness or rope harness is preferable.
  • A bowl and water for your pup
  • Soft, small, high-value dog treats work best. Chopped boiled chicken breast makes for a wonderful, inexpensive and “clean” treat. Check to be sure your pup loves it!
  • Small toys (plush, tug or other) if your dog enjoys them as a reward
  • Chew bone for quiet time (only if easy to take away)
  • Mat for your puppy to lie on. (optional)

Each session is one hour long. For questions about policies and class, please click here to visit our Puppy Basics One-0n-One Class FAQ page. Do you have a question or are interested in a class date you do not see listed? Contact us at ronniekay@yourdogandyou.com today!