Private One-on-One Sessions

Sharing with you the ability to gain your dog's respect and trust is first and foremost. All dogs want to follow the rules, sometimes they are just not sure if they fully understand the rules and a dog needs to have unconditional respect for the person setting the rules in order to follow them.

We will set up two personal, one-on-one consults. The initial consult is two and a half hours in length. First we will cover a lesson is dog psychology. This lesson is designed to allow you to see the world through your dog's eyes. The lesson will help you to understand how your dog perceives you and each situation at that moment in time.

Understanding how your dog's brain works will allow you to bond with him on a level that you may not have even known was possible. Being able to read his body language and understand how to communicate to him and understanding what he is communicating to you is crucial for a relationship that is based on a mutual respect. We will then apply the lesson to your relationship with your dog, by looking at your daily events with your dog. Gaining our dog's respect is done through our interactions. Each and every interaction with your dog is an opportunity to teach him as well as prove to him that you have what it takes to be his leader. We will then put together a plan that allows you to fulfill your dog's needs on a daily basis. Next, we will get to work. Together we will recreate an environment in which you do not currently have control. Teaching in a controlled environment will allow you to see how it is that I communicate to your dog that he can trust me to take control so that there is no need for him to do so. Once you see what works for me, you will have the opportunity to apply the same solution. I will be with you through this process so that you can feel comfortable with what to practice. I will help you with your timing, body language and technique. You will have a new skill set and be able to feel more confident when dealing with your dog's behavior.

A follow up consult is offered to you at no further charge. This consult is designed to recap your experiences, further your skills and address any of your dog's behaviors that we may not have covered in your first consultation. This visit is to be utilized within three weeks of your initial consultation and will be 1 to 1.5 hours in length and takes place at our location. Once you have completed your initial and follow up consult, you are welcome to email me for the next three months in the event that you have any questions so that I can help you to remain on track.

In the event that you wish to work together again, additional one hour appointments are available.

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picture of christines dogs cheetah, puma, and blue