picture of Christine Nolan and her dog Buddah

About Christine Nolan

Located in South Jersey, Dog Behavior Specialist and creator of Your Dog and You, Christine Nolan first studied dog behavior in Southern California, at ZEN4K9S School of Dog Psychology and Rehabilitation Center and has since had the pleasure of working with Cesar Millan hands on as well as many other amazing behavior experts and trainers.

Christine possesses a natural ability to truly understand a dog's needs and help them to become and remain balanced and happy. She has an uncommon capability to adapt to any situation and to find the best solution for the dog either as an individual or in a pack setting. Having the ability to think outside the box, determine the true nature of a behavior, and an education on the application of many "tools" allows Christine to help a dog and an owner when other methods have fallen short. Not only is she in tune with the dog's behavior, but she also brings a unique gift to sense underlying dietary or medical causes that can often go overlooked, and contribute to a behavior problem.

Christine is not only successful with dogs, but with people as well. She is able to give a dog's owner the ability, education, and motivation to fulfill the dog's needs on a daily basis. With her guidance, you will gain a strong understanding of Dog Psychology and will be able to “see” the world through the eyes of your dog. Her comprehensive approach will give you, the owner, a greater understanding of how to properly provide your faithful companion with the structure he craves and enable you to build a healthy and harmonious relationship between Your Dog and You.

Problematic dog behaviors that Christine often addresses and solves include: manners, pulling during the walk, digging, counter surfing, housebreaking, jumping, barking, dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety,and more.

Christine is a member of the IACP (The International Association of Canine Professionals) which is an organization established to maintain the highest standards of professional and business practice among canine professionals, all of which are dedicated to the well being of dogs. She volunteers her time to many non profit animal rescue organizations as well as teaches workshops for the volunteers, enabling them to help the many shelter and rescue dogs in need. Christine is available to teach Workshops, Dog Behavior Seminars and Two Day clinics to the general public as well.