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picture of christine and a shelter dog lugerChristine actively volunteers at the Animal Orphanage of Voorhees in Voorhees NJ (www.theanimalorphanage.org), as well as teaching classes for its' volunteers, enabling them to help the many shelter dogs in need. She also takes in and rehabilitates dog who suffer from difficult behavior issues, for The Orphanage on a complimentary basis.

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picture of a dog violet

Dear Christine,
How can I ever thank you enough for all that you have done for Violet. If you had not helped her I don't know where she would be now. You are so generous to give your time for all of the shelter dogs. So many of them would have never been fit to go to homes without your expertise. Your beautiful spirit and your amazing skill set gives these dogs a chance they never would have been able to attain on their own. You are an angel.

Cindy Bigham

picture of a dog gus

Gussy was our foster dog for 9 months we brought him here from The Animal Orphanage to rehabilitate him. He has been adopted by his forever family and is loving life! - Christine Nolan

Thank you so much Christine Nolan for spending the day with Lauren, Penny Sue and I on Saturday. Pit Bull Pride of DE is blessed to have you and can not thank you enough for everything you do within the rescue community. The time, patience and dedication you provide to the dogs (and humans) who so desperately need your guidance is beyond amazing! Because of you, Penny Sue will now have a better chance at being adopted, which will allow us to save yet another dog. You are truly one amazing lady! Thank you SO much for all of your help!!

Amy Burns,
Director of Operations
Pit Bull Pride of Delaware

Today Lorie Ann and I had the pleasure of meeting one of God's very special creatures, in the form of Christine Nolan. She's got the special gift of complete dog communication, and of being able to transmit that to others. She was kind enough to spend well over 2 hours with us and little Harley. Can't thank you enough for all that you took so much time to explain to us. We all learned so much today. Thank you Christine Nolan. - Jeff Bianchi

picture of dog simonUpdate: Can't help but share another happy update about Simon! His new mommy reports that he is making new friends wherever he goes, canine and human :) Here he is playing with his new best friend, a little GSD puppy who lives next door. So happy for this boy and so grateful for all you did to make this possible!

Joe and I thought you might be interested in an update on our foster, Simon. Thanks to your work and suggestions, he has been adopted! The meet and greet went better than we could have hoped, and by the time we were done walking and came home, Simon was licking his new mommy's face and letting her pet him. He even jumped into her lap for some loving! NEVER ever thought this would have happened, and we have YOU to thank! We don't want to get ahead of ourselves because this is only day 2 with his new mom, but we are pretty confident that this match is meant to be. We sent Simon with one of your cards and a glowing recommendation, so if there are any issues, we know his new mom will contact you for help. Thank you for all you do!

Jen and Joe - Wags Rescue Volunteers

I first met Christine when my wife and I agreed to foster Macy, a very frightened dog who was at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage (the "AO"). Macy was essentially unadoptable in her anxious state. We agreed to foster Macy when Christine said she would come to our home and help us without charge. I didn't know then that Christine often did this for shelter dogs who needed help in order to became adoptable. Christine taught us how to help Macy, we fell in love, became foster failures (by adopting Macy ourselves) and Macy is still with us 4 years later. 

Christine's knowledge as a behaviorist is of immense value to the AO, and her willingness to give of herself is inspiring. She brings AO dogs in real need of help to her facility for intense behavioral training and rehabilitation, resulting in their adoption. In every one of the cases I have seen, the dogs Christine brought to her facility became adoptable solely because of her. Christine also conducts training sessions for the AO volunteers, sharing her knowledge, teaching the AO volunteers how to help the shelter dogs. The AO's shelter dogs and volunteers are very lucky to have her to help us. She is truly amazing!

Bill Bigham

Christine has been a true blessing to the volunteers and dogs at The Voorhees Animal Orphanage. She has shared her time and talents with all of us to help our shelter dogs reach their full potential. Many of these animals get their second chance thanks to Christine! She never ceases to amaze us of her dedication and generosity. . She is readily available morning, noon and night to answer questions and take our phones calls. She has donated her time in every aspect possible to The Voorhees Animal Orphanage.

Christine Todd

I met Christine Nolan, when I was the Volunteer Coordinator at the Voorhees Animal Orphanage. She signed up to volunteer and immediately impressed me as the kind of person who really is out there to make a difference and will stop at nothing to see improvement achieved. She volunteered countless hours at the shelter, working individually with dogs to make them more adoptable and with volunteers, to teach them how to be better dog-handlers. She never gave up on even the most difficult dogs and worked hard to ensure that they were appropriately placed with good families. Her love for the dogs, especially the difficult and misunderstood, is apparent in everything that she does.

I have since moved on to become the Foster Care Coordinator and Junior Volunteer Coordinator at the Cumberland County SPCA. Despite the further distance, Christine has still gone above and beyond by traveling to Vineland to evaluate several dogs and to provide immensely popular and helpful workshops for the Junior Volunteers (about how to handle, care for, and understand dogs) and for Foster Families (about how to set your foster dog up for success through training, exercise, and understanding). Christine has also dedicated her time to helping a particular foster family with a special-needs dog who desperately needed her intervention to be saved. While I can name several humans (myself included) and dogs from AO and the CCSPCA that have personally benefited from her attention (Luegher, Tony, Torque, Lexington, Guinness, Domino, Reese- just to name a few), I know there are countless others who have found happiness and success because of Christine. Despite all she does, she never asks for anything in return, which is truly the spirit of volunteerism.

Maria Stoerrle

Working with Christine Nolan has been a fantastic experience. She is extremely knowledgeable about every breed of dog. Without her help our foster dog (Domino) would have been euthanized. Christine knew exactly what our foster dog needed to become such an awesome animal. She is always there for us with any questions we may have. I always enjoy talking with her because I learn something new every time. Christine has shown us that a dog with any kind of issue can be trained and rehabilitated.

I'm so thankful that we were introduced to such a WONDERFUL person, who cares so much about what she does. This it is not a job for her, but her place in life to give these animals that were abused, scared, unsocialized, or just in need of some basic training, a second chance in life to live like a dog. The best part to is that she trains us on how to be better pet owners and how to live a happy and healthy life with your companion. The techniques she uses in training you and your dog are so simple and easy to follow and really work . I know because our foster dog had no idea how to act like a dog at all and he was very nervous about sudden movements, and to much excitement. Christine's help his has turned Domino into the most AMAZING DOG!!!!!!

So here"s our advice, if your wanting to live a BALANCED, FUNCTIONAL, HEALTHY life with your dog, Christine Nolan is the one to see. You will never REGRET having her help. Christine is not just the person who helped us with our foster dog, she has become our FRIEND and we will be forever GRATEFUL to her for showing us that every dog deserves a chance to SHINE!!!!!

Christine we think you are so special, you are a true inspiration that if you have the right tools and attitude you can accomplish anything you put your heart into. We thank you so much for all you have done for Domino and our family. Seeing his transformation has made us feel so good that we made a difference in his life and that in itself is reward enough!!!!!

Forever Grateful
(The humans), Amy, Ray, Zach, Charlee and Gracie Conrad

(The Pets) Domino, Cami, and Abby