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Behaviors: Human Aggression

"Flossy" (now Mitzie) came to our family a battered, fearful 2 year old Chi-poo mix. She was in and out of 3 homes from what we learned, a bite case, never socialized as a puppy, never taken for a walk, never wore a collar, and in general, she was on death row in the kill shelter for being “unlovable” and “unadoptable” for three previous owners. After changing her name to Mitzvah (Blessing) and finding you, Christine, Mitzie has become a lovable, socialized part of our family pack.

She responds well as my 4 year old grandson, walks on a leash, enjoys being petted, doesn't run under the sofa in fear, wears sweaters and jackets over her head (which she was petrified just seeing them coming toward her face) and is learning every day that correction doesn't mean “unloved”- it simply means she is learning her place in the pack. Even the vet says she is becoming a more “patient“ patient, and not snarling during her appointments. Mike and I can't thank you enough for answering our questions, teaching US as well as Mitzie, and just “being there” to answer questions when we had them.

We have referred you to many people and are not surprised when others with well-behaved dogs say they have used your services also. Thanks again so much for working with us. Please come to visit us soon so Mitzie can show you how happy she is-and how pleased and happy we are. Mitzie has finally found a forever home thanks to you.

Best Wishes,

- Karen and Mike

- Karen and Mike

- Karen and Mike