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Finn and Brodie

Behaviors: Manners

We’ve always loved Finnian and Brodie, but we loved them despite their chronic barking, counter surfing, leash tugging, and car chasing ways. In one meeting you were able to point out the problem (which was our lack of consistent firm control with the boys), teach us how to regain control, and keep the energy level calm and balanced. With Shelties this is no small feat, but you did it, and you saw the results three weeks later, as we showed you we could do it too!

Many neighbors and friends are amazed at how much better behaved the boys are, and we give you the credit. We are working at being a happy balanced family.

Thank you!

- Ginny and Peter

- Ginny and Peter

Finnian and Brodie are like different dogs! Brodie really enjoys not having to be in charge and he has loosened up considerably. He's even been known to spontaneously roll over onto his back on the floor, while I'm reading on the sofa. He would never willingly expose his belly to me in the past.
Our triumph is feeding time. What was chaos is now totally peaceful.
Finn doesn't chase cars! Amazing!

Thank you again!

- Ginny and Peter