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Behaviors: Manners

Hey Christne-

Things have been amazing since Thursday. I am approaching each situation differently now and catching Daisy sooner when she's fixated on dogs and animals. The outcome has been 100% better! Other people are noticing her amazing behavior, a random stranger said "wow" because without a word, I had her sit so he could walk by with his kids! We were able to go to Julian's football game tonight and she met a dog and did great . I took her in slowly, and they sniffed each other. She wanted to play but he was an old dog, so we ended it there. But I was so proud of her!!! She's really doing great!! In fact a parent at football asked for your information because of Daisy's behavior transformation in the past 6 weeks!
I started running with Daisy early in the morning squirrels and rabbits are no longer an issue. We may have to stop and work our way past each one but its getting easier and faster.

Oh, a neighbor even invited her over to play any time!!

Thanks for your help, and thanks for turning my dog from the "neighborhood jerk" to the "playful puppy"!

- Kristi

- Kristi

- Kristi