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Behaviors: Dog Aggression


I wish there were enough words in the English vocabulary to describe the appreciation and thanks we have for you seeing us yesterday. Never ever in my life did I ever think we would have a normal dog. To watch Abby actually be able to socialize with other dogs off leash was not only amazing but also truly helped me cope with all the guilt that I had felt previously. It helped me realize that not all bad things stay bad. I had been carrying around a huge burden of guilt for the fact that Abby had been attacked in the past. I felt I had no one to blame but myself. To me, watching Abby play with all of the dogs at the dog park was more than just watching a dog play with other dogs... We finally were able to provide for her what she wanted and needed the entire time. It was like giving her life back! Believe when I say I am not the crying type when it comes to things... but watching her play with those dogs gave me a sense of overwhelming peace, and oh...the tears.

You truly have the most amazing job in the entire world- as a Vet Tech we save lives.... but you change lives not only of the dog but also of their owners. If I could have frozen time, it would have been with you and Abby and all of those other dogs, just playing in the park and having fun. Yesterday was my heaven. For the first time in a VERY long time, I felt true peace.
I will no longer be scared of what "may" happen. I am willing to take every day as it comes to me. When she barks and growls my blood pressure will no longer rise but rather stay neutral. Thank you for not only helping me fix Abby for for restoring peace in our lives..

With Much Sincerity,

- Daniel, Aylise, and Bella Waters

Abby's aggression towards other dogs had grown immensely. Every time we would walk by a dog she would growl, show her teeth, and lunge at the dog. My worst fear was coming true, that we would be living with another dog aggressive dog. I didn't know what to do. I was convinced that it was all my fault for exposing her to other aggressive dogs and that nothing anyone could ever do would change her behavior. I kept telling my husband how jealous I was of all those dog owners who had dogs they could just let roam free in the dog park. "I will NEVER have that" I would say. About a week ago, we took Abby for a hike-not expecting to run into too many other dogs. I was wrong. When we would see another dog, Abby's vicious growling would begin! Her hackles stood up, and spit would be flying out of her mouth. I felt that was the last time Abby would leave our yard again.

We needed Christine's help and we needed it bad. As we approached her facility, I saw that there was another dog there, I felt my anxiety rising again. From the moment Abby got out of the car, Christine had complete and utter control. Right before my eyes, within 5 minutes of working with Christine, Abby was walking by other dogs paying almost no mind. It was a jaw dropper!!!!!!!! I actually at one point thought I must be dreaming.

At the end of our follow up session Christine says, "Okay, do you want to go to the dog park?" I almost laughed out loud thinking "Abby? at a dog park?" No chance in hell!!! So.. off we went to the dog park....

As we walked into the "dog park area" I looked to my left... what do I see but two dogs charging at Abby full speed ahead. I saw my future flash before my eyes. Before I was even able to react.... BAM... the dogs came careening into Abby. I thought to myself ohhhhh sh**... Christine never once missed a beat. She assured me everything was fine- and it was!!! As more and more dogs would approach the less intimidated Abby was. At one point she got into play stance and was like come on just let me play.... "Okay, lets take her off leash" Christine said. Okay so getting Abby to come to the dog park was a feat in itself but take her off leash??? Christine walked over, unhooked Abby... and just like, that she was running around with 20 different dogs having a great time! I couldn't help the tear that welled up in the corner of my eye as hope for Abby was right in front of me. At this dog park there is also a creek to swim in. Abby would not dare swim in the water as she was not allowed in the water by our other dog. We walked farther into the dog park and next thing I notice Abby is frolicking in the water with 5 other dogs!!! I like to call it a miracle... It was the most rewarding experience of my life. I was sad to go.

Christine not only changed my dogs life, but she changed ours too. For the first time in a long time Abby was truly happy. She was free and under no constraints. She was a true dog. Not one that people were afraid of... but one that people laughed about (as she rolled on her back). We as a family cannot thank Christine enough for what she has done for us. To restore peace in a situation where all hope was gone, is truly amazing! She has also given us the tools to make sure Abby will remain the balanced dog we now know. We will continue to live in the moment and not in the past. We will be indebted to Christine forever. She has made our new future with Abby our heaven....

- Daniel, Aylise, and Bella Waters

- Daniel, Aylise, and Bella Waters