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Lisa Aumiller

Housepaws Mobile Vet

The most common reason I see clients fail with training their pets is from lack of understanding and lack of following a training plan.   Christine is very candid, approachable, and knowledgeable.   She makes training your dog and behavior modification simple and fun for both the owner and pet.   She sets owners up with a step by step plan so that compliance is high and completely possible.   Simply put she sets both the pets and their owners up for success.

Additionally, Christine is very holistic in her approach.  She considers the dogs diet, exercise routine, potential medical issues, and the relationship between each family member and the pet.    She works well with the pet's primary veterinarian to further help make sure the client and their pet have a strong and consistent support system.  In my experience, if all these things are not considered then an owner will not be as successful.

I would highly recommend Christine Nolan from Your Dog and You.    She has a wide range of training capabilities because she understands our dogs.   She would be my top choice for training from simple obedience cases to the complicated behavior problems.  Her charisma will have your pup barking for more!

Lisa Aumiller, DVM
HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service

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