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Jessica Morrisey

Delaware Valley Veterinarian Hospital

As a veterinarian, the most frequent questions my clients often have for me are based in behavior. What can I do for my dog’s separation anxiety? How do I stop my dogs from fighting? How do I get my dog to come when I call him?

Veterinary school curriculum is chock full of anatomy, physiology, pathology, diseases, diagnostics, and treatments for multiple species of animals. After trying to cram all of this into the academic schedule there is very little time left for other, equally important topics- such as behavior.

While I have some suggestions for these people, nothing can compare to the intense, experienced, and educated help Christine Nolan can provide. As well as I can diagnose and treat illnesses, interpret radiographs, and perform intricate surgeries- Christine can do when it comes to observing a dog’s behavior and providing the correct training. She has incredible insight into a dog’s perspective and helps us to understand how and why dogs behave the way they do and how we should appropriately respond.

I have referred many, many clients to her and heard only wonderful things from them in return. She truly helps people improve upon their relationship with their pet and create and more harmonious household.

Jessica Morrisey

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Delaware Valley Veterinarian Hospital
400 Swedesboro Road, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
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