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Jennifer Forsyth, VMD

Marmalade and Mobile Vet

As a veterinarian I know a lot about dogs, but when it comes to dog training (especially those annoying little behavior problems) I put my dogs and myself in Christine Nolan's hands!

As a person who has five dogs in her pack, four of which are mastiffs, I need my dogs to be on best behavior. I do all of the basic training at a very nice dog training facility but nothing can compare to having a loving and devoted dog trainer like Christine actually visiting the home. Christine has helped me with problems like a dog screaming and crying when put in a crate, teaching my pullers how to walk like angels on a leash, and even in helping me to decide if a new dog will be a good or bad addition to my pack.

Because I practices holistic veterinary medicine it is important for me to deal with behavioral problems holistically; Christine does just that. She has a real talent for being able to understand each dog as an individual and come up with the perfect plan that will instill harmony among all of the dogs and humans in the house.

I love referring my clients to Your Dog And You as I know they will be in the gentle loving hands of an amazing dog trainer like Christine Nolan.

Jennifer Forsyth, VMD
Marmalade & Mobile Vet
Phone/Fax (856) 375-1314

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