Sora's Story:

When I first saw Sora she was lying in her kennel and didn't get up or even look at me as I stood outside reading about her. The second time I came to see her she didn't get up or look over at me. The day I came to get her she was sitting by the door and made eye contact immediately with me. She wasn't eating, had just received her second heart worm injection and was clearly heartbroken about her previous family. Her first bath was completely red and thick with dead fleas. I think her adoption fee was 94.00, it included a new collar and leash, name tag, microchip already registered to me, she was spayed, potty trained, good in the car, good with dogs, cats, kids, good in the house, good on a leash. I could go on and on. Still I kept her tied to me for the first few days. I wanted to set our relationship in the right direction from the start. She was depressed but obedient and willing to try. She has been with me just 9 months but I don't remember my life before her. We go everywhere together. I feel as close to her as all the dogs I had from puppyhood. We think she is about 8. She is amazing, she teaches me new things all the time. She's smart, beautiful and my best friend.

- Michele Allen

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