Princess's Story:

Sharing saves lives! I saw a picture of Princess wearing a tiara and a big grin that melted my heart. Prior to the shelter she had lived in Camden, tied to a tree, fending for herself for the most part. She was having a terrible time at the shelter with skin problems and not getting any interest. Labeled not dog or kid friendly. I went to visit her to bring blankets, treats, and toys. She was so happy despite everything. We did a meet with Khavi which went well and brought her home to foster. The first few months were filled with ups and downs as we taught her other dogs were ok, how to play, and most importantly that she was safe with us. Through time, patience, training, and love she is a completely different dog. She enjoys doggy day care, park trips, and weekend visits to grandmoms with her sister and best friend Khavi. She's a lover of life and we couldn't imagine our lives without her.

- Shannon Warner

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