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Picture of Christine Nolan's American Bulldog, Harley.Gaining your dog's unconditional trust and respect is paramount. Once achieved, you are in a position to teach your dog how it is that you would like for him/her to act in each and every situation.

Taking the time to patiently and consistently teach your dog how it is that you, his leader, expects him or her to act and interact in each and every situation is the key to gaining your dog's respect. Being a strong leader for you dog allows him or her to be, and remain, the follower that they were born to be. Establishing this relationship with your dog, setting rules, limitations, and boundaries will ensure a happy, healthy and harmonious relationship together that will last a lifetime.

I am often asked what methodology I practice. All of the great trainers and behaviorists know that there is not just one way to teach a dog. You will read books and watch videos that seem as if there is only one way to train a dog or modify behavior. Many of my clients are confused about what they should and should not be doing and what methods are the "right way." Each and every situation and dog are different. I feel that you should take all of the information that you learn over the course of your relationship with your dog and use only what works for your dog and for you.

Picture of Mastiff, Cole.As long as the dog is not being harmed psychologically or physically and you are making progress then you should practice what works. Creative thinking and the ability to communicate to each and every dog in a way that reaches them and helps them best, becomes the best plan of action for that dog and that behavior. Coming up with a plan that best suits and motivates the human is the only way we can all help our dogs. Understanding how the brain of the dog works and having respect for just how they see the world is part of a strong foundation that includes fulfilling a dog's need for exercise, learning new things, having a calm and patient energy to follow, balanced nutrition, and a healthy environment in which to live are all components of creating an everlasting bond of unconditional respect and trust between your dog and you.

With hard work, patience, and consistent, pure, and clear communication with your dog anything is possible!

Gandhi : "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man".