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picture of christine and her dog Tugger

About Christine's Seminars

Christine's dog behavior seminars and workshops are an incredible way to enrich your understanding of dog psychology and your dog handling skills. Her dynamic presence and teaching style keeps participants engaged as she covers leadership skills, dog psychology, loose leash walking, nutrition, treadmill training, and much more.

Her workshops are not only a wonderful learning experience for individual dog owners, but are a valuable resource for shelter staff and volunteers, rescues, dog walkers, veterinarians, trainers, and groomers as well. Dog handlers of all skill levels will be sure to take away knowledge and skills to bring to their interactions with dogs.

Benefits of Hosting a Seminar

• Fundraiser for your rescue or shelter
• Exposure for your business/organization
• Advocate responsible dog ownership
• Enhance the abilities of staff/volunteers

picture of melissa simone and dogsOver a year ago, I was invited to attend a behavior seminar with CCSPCA.  I was so excited to learn how I can help my foster kids get ready for their new homes.  Boy was I surprised!  I was quickly hooked!  Christine's speaking style is like talking to an old friend.  She makes you feel like you are the only person in the room.  She does not lecture down to her crowd, using behavioral jargon.  She talks to each and every person in the room like you are an old friend.  By lunch, I my head was zooming with so much new information and my notepad was full of aha moments that I have referred back to time and time again.  After lunch, Christine pulled it all together, applying the psychology to real techniques I could go home and use right away.  From "the look" to the treadmill, I was empowered!

Fast forward one year, I had quit my boring cubical job and am no longer tied down by a headset cord.  I am out walking dogs.  I owe that to Christine Nolan!  She gave me the skill set to live my dream life! Now, I bounce out of bed, whether it is sunny or rainy, knowing I get to do what I love, work with dogs!

April 20th, Christine spoke to my NJ Chapter of Rebound Hounds Res-Q.  I simply lost count how many times she gave me chills!  Even though I had the pleasure to see her speak before, she reinforced what I had been doing, corrected some things I was not doing correctly, and taught me so much more! 

If you have the opportunity to be in Christine's electric presence, I highly recommend it!  She changed my life, and gave me the courage to help so many foster dogs.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you Christine Nolan for giving me the gift of living my dream life! -Melissa Simone, Rebound Hounds Res-Q

Hi Christine! I attended your seminar on Saturday and all I can say is THANK YOU!! My last foster dog(she was adopted Sunday) was a leash biter because of what you taught in the seminar, I was able to have a beautiful last walk with my sweet Piper before I brought her to her forever home. I was also able to share with Piper's new family the knowledge I got from you. We have 4 dogs of our own and although they are all pretty good on the leash, I found myself "freezing, looking at my picture and making it perfect" during my walks with them. I live in upstate NY and I have been fostering death row dogs for Rebound Hounds ResQ for almost two years, I will use what I learned on Saturday for all my future foster dogs. I am planning on enrolling in the Animal Behavior College and become a certified dog trainer, my focus will be on shelter dogs....watching you has inspired me to move ahead with my dream. Thank you for all you do to help the death row dogs, they are all amazing dogs with so much potential. - Tracy Baldwin

Hi Christine,
The seminar was great. I learned a lot more doing it this way.I think when we had you over to help us with Peanut and Gypsy I was so concerned about what what going on that I didn't pay as much attention as I should have. This reinforced everything and seeing you work with the two dogs cemented it for me. I think maybe my partner now understands that a dog is not a human. She has seen me put your efforts to work with our new dog and I also read over my notes to her. You would be proud. Gypsy, you said was the second worst dog you had seen is walking on leash.if she gets ahead I stop and she immediately runs back behind the line. It's taken a lot of work but at least the wall is good. She still runs away when I gather her and Oscar for their walk but she comes home smiling. We still have some work to do but your training is sinking in. I like the fact that you are not rigid and gimmicky. Everything you say makes sense and there is a rational behind it.
I feel so bad for my old dog. When you talked in the session about life from a dogs point of view. "You let me out in the yard and let me sit on the couch and left me in charge,but I wasn't happy".You didn't do the things I needed most, like walk me and be a leader. I'm glad now that my current dogs will be much happier.

I've had a lot of people ask me about the seminar and of course I tell them it was wonderful. A lot of people have asked if you cover inter dog jealousy, anxiety. The only other topic I can think to add would be bringing a new dog home and introducing them to another dog. I can't wait for the next seminar. Thanks again! -Sybil, Gypsy and Oscar


Hello! I really enjoyed the seminar.  Love the rapport you have with people attending the seminar.  I thought the demonstration with the 2 dogs was excellent, it was really helpful to actually watch a behavior issue and see how to address and correct the problem. Thank you and looking forward to working with you! -Lynn Kronenberger


Christine, I want to thank you for your excellent seminar on Saturday. I went home that night and walked four COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DOGS! Your techniques with the dogs and human re-education made a huge difference in the animals that live in my home. Walks are much more pleasant and I have peace of mind that my days of neighborhood embarrassment are over! Thanks so much for all of your help and for all you do for the rescue community as well! -Erika Hooven

Animal Orphanage of Voorhees Logo

"Thanks so much for sharing your incredible knowledge of dog behavior and psychology. You made four hours fly by. I learned so much!" A HUGE thank you to Christine Nolan. Im sure I can speak for all who attended your seminar today- it was the most informative, interesting and fun four hours I've spent in a long time. Thank you for your generosity!"
-Joan Busillo

Thank you to Christine Nolan for sharing her experience, talent and time with us today! I certainly learned a ton from her & I'm sure those of you that attended did as well! She's a wonderful friend to my shelter buddies and does a phenomenal job teaching people how to better understand their dogs' behavior and how to correct issues. You kick ass lady! Thanks for your time this morning!"" -Angela Cimino

"Spectacularly informative workshop. Not only does Christine Nolan know a tremendous amount about dog behavior, but she can convey that information to people in an easy to understand way. If you ever get the oppurtunity to work with her TAKE IT!" -Sam Silver

"Thank you Christine Nolan for yet ANOTHER amazing workshop! We are so lucky to have you at the AO. You have helped save so many lives! Your time and talents are ALWAYS so appreciated!" -Christine Todd

"Christine Nolan is a gifted animal behaviorist. Thank you sincerely for volunteering your time to teach us how to do what's best for our Animal Orphanage orphans and to prepare them and us to master loose walking. -Antonia Lisa

"This is hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. Christine is very talented. Four hours is not enough! -Ron Kroes

"Christine Nolan..your seminar was outstanding. It was extremely informative. You made it interesting and I particularly enjoyed your humor. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us so we can do a better job of working with the shelter dogs." -Cindy Bigham

Thanks for the great workshop Christine. You not only enlightened me in dog behavior but in my own behavior as well! -Susan Stewart

"This workshop was amazing I would highly recommend it to everyone. We started using the techniques on our pack walk after and it helped stimulate and tire our dogs out and will help adopting them out faster! Thank you so much Christine Nolan!" -Mike Bateman

"Thank you so much for taking the time to run the workshop today. I really learned a lot. I am defintiely going to get started using the Halti, I was amazed at how well Moose did on it today! (seriously, he may not have seemed it today, but I have tried walking him at AO before, and he really was a crazy-strong puller!). Thank you for sharing with us today.... and for bringing Puma too!" -Jennifer Bailey

"Thank you so much for the great workshop today! You provided our volunteers and staff with excellent information and great skills that will enrich our orphan's experiences!" -Jason Scarduzio

"Thanks for taking your day off to teach us some new skills,my favorite part was the treadmill training.We owe so much to you from the evaluation of Appollo to the workshops,thank you!(when I hit the lotto we are building you a dream facility!)" -Tony Todd

"Thank you for the wonderful workshop today. I learned so much and was already using the leash walking techniques on my Mom's dog. :)" -Tayna Cronmiller

Great workshop today. So much information. Thank you for taking the time with us. I am a huge Cesar fan and now a Christine fan. -Betty Neary

Christine, I wanted to thank you for such a great workshop today. It was so informative. Your knowledge and love for your job and the dogs are so apparent. You help anyone who wants to work with dogs confidence. Thank for all your inspiration. " -Billie Penner

"Thank you Christine Nolan for the informative and thoughtful workshop. You were so generous with your time. I will use the information during my contact with the orphan and be a better leader, Step 1." -Patricia Diaz

What a great expierence! Thanks so much Christine for giving your time to the Animal Orphanage. I definitely learned a lot. -Kathleen Leary


On Saturday May 12 2012, the Cumberland County SPCA was proud to welcome Christine Nolan of "Your Dog and You" to help us better understand and help the dogs in our care. At any given time we have approximately 100 dogs in the shelter and 20-100 dogs in our Foster Care program. The dogs in foster care are often victims of abandonment, neglect, and/or cruelty. Our Foster Families and Volunteers were eager to do more to help the dogs, but we knew we needed more tools to do so successfully. We needed assistance, especially in the areas of leash-walking, helping fearful dogs develop confidence, and understanding why dogs act the way they do. Christine Nolan went out of her way to travel to Cumberland County where we hosted our Dog Behavior Seminar, and graciously provided us with a 4 hour workshop that was filled with valuable information- at no charge! I have known and worked with Christine for years so I am well aware of her dedication to homeless dogs and the humans that are making an effort to help them. I was so pleased that the Cumberland County SPCA staff, volunteers, and foster families were able to benefit from both her knowledge and her generosity. Because Christine's methods have been proven successful, she is a someone whose time is in great demand. We truly appreciate her willingness and eagerness to dedicate her weekend to help us. At the seminar, Christine taught us Dog Psychology, how to accomplish loose-leash walking, dog reactivity, how to handle problem behaviors (and from where these behaviors stem), and how to properly use a treadmill to provide a mental and physical burn for a dog, which makes them a more balanced animal. Christine is such an effective speaker and engaging presenter that the four hours we spent at the seminar could have easily been eight and we still would have been ready for more! She really has a gift for reaching her audience. Christine also made herself available at the conclusion of the seminar to answer specific questions and provide advice and support. We truly appreciate everything Christine Nolan has done for the CCSPCA and are now prepared to be better foster homes, better volunteers, and better staff members- which means that things are only going to get better for the dogs of Cumberland County.

Maria Stoerrle
Foster Care Coordinator for CCSPCA

"The CCSPCA Staff, Volunteers, and especially Foster Families would like to thank Christine for so generously donating her time to give us the tools to take even better care of our animals at our seminar this weekend. We often find ourselves caring for those that have been victims of cruelty, as well as abandonment and neglect, and Christine's seminar helped us better understand their needs. We are now able to better address reactivity and we are all excited to put our dogs on the treadmill and provide them with that mental burn that is so important! A MILLION thanks to Christine Nolan (that's us the humans and the dogs thank you too!)" -CCSPCA

Thank you Christine for the wonderful workshop. It was so nice to bring one of our strongest "puller-on the leashers", Sugar, and learn techniques for making our walks together so much better (in addition to so much else that you taught us!). Our pack walk looked much nicer this week! -Maria Stoerrle

Thank you for taking the time for our seminar on Saturday. There was tons of useful information I am sure we can all use. I have already used your technique to stop my "flat basset". It worked, Thanks! -Valerie Mazzei

Thank you so much for the seminar on Saturday. We really learned alot!!!!You are awesome! -Danielle Pagnam

Thank you Christine!!! I made sure I was swinging my arms when I walked Buddy (at home) and Diva (at the SPCA)...I even tried the Chicken Wing thinger and it worked. You have a gift with dogs, thanks for sharing it. -Sandra Anderson

Even though i was late I learned so much. You have such a way of explaining to us your techniques that it sticks. Thank you. -Elizabeth Shaffer

Thank you for the amazing seminar yesterday! I am already getting started! I picked up my FREE treadmill that I found on Craigslist this morning! -Melissa Simone

My wife and I wish to thank Christine Nolan for her wonderful presentation to Cumberland County SPCA volunteers on Saturday (5/12/12). Her time was graciously donated and her advice and teaching were invaluable. It would appear that her genuine love of dogs is her true motivation for teaching others how to love them as well. Thanks you so much. - Ray and Carla Elberson

Just wanted to thank for sharing so much knowledge with us! I couldn't wait to try what I learned on my own dog, Nina. The first thing she learned is that she must "allow" me to use a vacuum cleaner in peace! And I got her to understand that without using ONE word! She is 11 years old, so ya sure can teach an old dog new tricks, lol! And I have been using the Halti (Holt brand) on her for awhile now and love it, but she was still balking and I really wasn't sure what to do about it(except stand there foolishly with her pulling back and me saying, "Here's "My Little Pony" again"). WaLa, treated her as if she were doing what Mikey was doing and came in and got a hold close and followed through and I no longer have that problem. By the time we were in the last half of her walk we looked good! And I had mastered the one hand leash and felt like I was 6 feet tall and Nina was so smooth! I am just so excited to have all of this to share with every dog, and human, I can! Thanks again! By the way, Nina is a very talented girl! We have had her over 10 years and she has taught me some games she likes to play and I did the word association thing when she was young and she makes me look good, lol! I have a few videos of her doing these things, trash pickup and laundry, complete with door closing. We adopted her from CCAS. Bet you can't tell I am still smitten, lol! She has been nicknamed 3N because when I get started, it's Nina, Nina, Nina, it's all about Nina, lol! Didn't mean to be so blabby, but I am really inspired! - Maggie Van Etten

Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your knowledge with us today! I am so excited to apply the techniques with our shelter doggies as well as my own at home! :) - Cathy Wall

Thank you Christine!! I always knew Nancy (the dog) was totally awesome, I just didn't know how to bring it out of her so that everyone else could see it too! - Stacy Darlea

Christine, thank you again for your time and for sharing some of your techniques today with us (volunteers at Camden County Animal Shelter). Your passion and wisdom when it comes to our canine friends is a blessing to those who are lucky enough to learn from you. I look forward to applying your lessons to our beloved shelter dogs as well as to our family pets. - Jennifer Smith

Thanks for all your help today. You were awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute! - Jane Shaffer

Thank you Christine for the awesome workshop yesterday!! I hope to be able to implement everything I learned for my own pack as well as helping shelter dogs. - Janet Bishop

Julie and I had the most tranformative experience with our three dogs just one day after attending this seminar. Today's walk with our three dogs was the best we have ever had! No pulling, no crossing over in front of and tripping us....just total ZEN. Thank you Christine Nolan and Your Dog and You. - Leann Frost

Response-a-Bull Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Delaware that is devoted to the Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds who are so greatly misunderstood. Our mission is to rescue, educate and promote responsible ownership. Our vision is a society with compassion and kindness toward all loving companions without negative stereotypes and senseless laws of breed discrimination.

The seminar was amazing! Thank you SO MUCH! - Nikki Eick Maier

I had a great time at the seminar thank you soooo much for your time!!! - Brittani DeRose

Hi Christine, thank you so much for having the seminar/workshop for us. It was AWESOME!!! You gave us a ton of great info and lots of tips we can use with the shelter dogs, as well as our own pups. I think we need another day :) ! - Bernadette Higoy Aldana

Hey, Christine!! Thanks so much for your time, effort and great info at the seminar. I've been using the touch and the look on my silly pit Gracie, and she is much calmer before her walks now. Will really help as she recovers from her impending knee surgery. All the best to you and Jason! - Mary Martin Gollhardt

A special thank you to Christine Nolan for her five hour seminar today. We all learned so much valuable information that you just cannot get anywhere. I was even able to take what I learned home and teach my own dog whose head is normally in the food bowl when it is still on the counter to wait for my invite into the kitchen to come eat. Using the picture method I was able to establish success with this in five minutes. This is truly incredible and effective. So thank you!! - Dino Petralia

Thank you for a wonderful informative workshop. Biggest lesson for me was no voice. I think we all ran home to begin working on the lessons taught. Your lessons I know will become a part of our household on a daily basis. - Shelly Michener

Christine, I have had the pleasure of learning quite a bit from you as a volunteer at The Animal Orphanage of Voorhees, but I have to say today's workshop was incredibly educational. I learned many new things that I can apply to my own dogs and our shelter dogs. There were some things that I have heard before from you personally, but I can't express how beneficial it was to see and hear it all again. There is no doubt you are a well spoken woman, but your capability to explain and demonstrate is a gift. It is about 5:15pm..I got home today a little after 4pm and have already started to apply individual training to my two boys. There is no question that my neighbors were just wondering why I was walking back and forth down the sidewalk for the last 1/2 hour ...tried Xander first and then Duke separately. I used ZERO words (which is huge for me...they aren't the only ones that need training so much lies with the owner) Both stayed by my side..stop ped when I stopped..continued when I continued, etc. I, also, just did their feeding. I did their feeding page by page..I watched as Duke (food driven chocolate lab) stared at me at first then figured out he should probably sit if I was going to advance with the feeding, salivating more than I have ever seen but he got the concept..I would not put that bowl in his feeder until the picture looked not only good but FANTASTIC! When he would get up from sit and inch forward..I would turn back a page so on and so forth. Five minutes tops and I was able to command him "GO EAT" from his sitting position. This was a great afternoon well spent! The boys have a lot to look forward to over the next few weeks ..little bit of boot camp never hurt anyone..plus I am left feeling empowered and they are content with me giving direction. - Dana Edwards

Thank you Christine for the fabulous workshop today. You shared such a wealth of information and you are also a very gifted speaker. I feel energized and excited to begin establishing a more grounded relationship with my girl Tyge!! Thanks so much!! - Linda Kathy Walsh

Thanks Christine Nolan for another great seminar. Your teachings are invaluable and proven, if followed, really work! Just worked with my 3 boys and foster girl on the "line of scrimmage" and ALL of them did great! Now off for their walking event! - Shannon Dixon

Am not surprised that this incredible work shop is sold out. Participants will not believe the amount of information provided. You'll never walk or communicate w your dog the same way. I know it helped my family and the shelter dogs I work w every day. -Billie Penner

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