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picture of Carl Zive

Carl Zive

Carl has been working with dogs for over 15 years. He moved to Bucks County, Pennsylvania two years ago after a long stay in North Jersey. During his time in New Jersey, Carl established Carl’s Calm Canines. In addition, he ran his own training facility where he would take in multiple dogs at a time. The facility provided him the opportunity to do a lot of pack work as well as board and train.

Carl volunteered with a rescue organization for dogs for 10 years and presided as President for 7 years. The rescue's focus was training and behavior modification. Carl offered free training to every dog that came through the rescue’s organization including a foster family, a newly adopted dog, or for those who needed some assistance months/years after adoption.

Carl’s goal is always to help the client see the world through the dogs eyes. Ultimately helping the human understand why the dog is doing what it’s doing and how to modify those behaviors. Carl and his lovely wife Trish are the proud parents of two of rescue dogs, Coconut Head and Shea MooMoo.

picture of Ronnie Kay

Ronnie Kay

Ronnie Kay has been very passionate about animals since she was a very young girl. As she grew, she knew that she would never be able to have a normal job and needed constant access to the furry and four legged creatures to feel complete.

Ronnie Kay began training hunting dogs with her father before the age of 10 and knew then and there that her passion for the future would be with dogs. She spent years learning everything she could about man’s best friends. Dog encyclopedias, canine behavior manuals, and non-stop animal planet on the TV paved the way to Ronnie Kay's career in dog behavior and training.

She has over 13 years of professional experience working as a dog trainer. During this time, she attended multiple classes and seminars on dog behavior to keep learning and perfecting her training style. She currently lives in a sweet little farmhouse with her husband and pack of beasties. It's all for the love of dogs!